Introducing Master Craft Event's Virtual Event Proposal

14 May 2020
Introducing Master Craft Event Virtual Event


With the recent global pandemic (Covid-19), many business have started to adapt more into Virtual Engagement. Reports showed that Virtual Engagement have the highest engagement rate in recent month. And cost is drastically cheaper than normal event engagement.

  • Accessibility: While the event is still being held in-person, virtual options allow you to accommodate attendees who are unable to attend in person.
  • Budget: Your organization needs to cut costs and making smaller events and webinars virtual can help move money to the biggest event of the year that brings in the largest number of leads. It also helps to have a virtual or hybrid option when attendee budgets to travel are a concern.  
  • There¡¯s no other option: Whether due to the extreme weather, travel bans, or an act of God, you¡¯re forced to make your in-person event virtual or cancel it altogether.


Our platform is design to suit from small to large audience. From small group meeting to large scale Virtual Conference for thousands of audiences. Main features included are customizable branding, DOLBY Audio, and secured encrypted security system.

Virtual Trade Shows

virtual trade show is an online version of an event at which goods and services for a specific industry are exhibited and demonstrated. The format can be as simple as a basic online directory or as complex as a virtual 3D world. From Virtual Property Trade Fair, Automotive, Fashion, you name it, and we will create if for you. 

Virtual Launch

virtual product or service launch event enables you to manage and extend the exposure of a new product or service to a global audience in a content-rich online event and in a time and cost-efficient way. We will help you create from Pre-Lauch Buzz, Ads via social media platform to actual day launch. You will be able to track ROI and data via our system as well.

Virtual Summit

virtual summit is a type of collaborative online event in which speakers are interviewed by a host. It's like an online conference with a collection of online presentations from 6 to 30+ experts on a topic. This type of event is a powerful marketing tool for both experienced business owners and newcomers alike
Introducing Master Craft Event's vFAIRS - Virtual Trade Fairs

No borders
and no limits

Virtual Events have no limitations in location wise. That means you can duet with a flamenco singer in Spain, spin a set with a house DJ in Chicago, or launch your product or service in any part of the world.

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